Cranks and Bottom Brackets


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My cranks make a creaking sound

Many creaking cranks are caused by a loose chainring bolt. This allows the chainring to move slightly with every pedal stroke. Also make sure your crank bolts are tight, and your bottom bracket cups are tight in the frame.

If those three areas are not causing the creak, then it probably does not come from the cranks. Creaks on bikes can be notoriously difficult to diagnose, because the frame acts like a sound board. Also check your seatpost’s bolts, push on your saddle on either side to make sure it isn’t causing the creak, and make sure your frame isn’t cracked somewhere – all of these can sound like a creaking crank.

Why do Rene Herse cranks use square-taper bottom brackets?

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What chainring combination should I run?

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Not sure which bottom bracket you need?

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