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Rene Herse Taillight Instructions (PDF)

For technical questions about SON generator hubs, please check the manufacturer’s web site.

More Information

How many Lumens do SON lights put out?

The light output in Lumens is easy to measure, but it doesn’t tell much about how good a light is. More important is the beam shape and how the light output is distributed. Read more…

Which hub do you recommend for my bike?

We’ve selected what we think are the best generator hubs for most riders. For road and gravel riding, the SON Delux has the lowest resistance, wide flange spacing for the strongest wheels, and lightest weight. The SON Delux is available in models for disc brakes (12 mm thru-axle) and rim brakes (quick release). For mountain bikes (15 mm thru-axle), the SON 28 gives more light at very low speeds. All SON hubs feature the unique pressure compensation system that prevents moisture from entering the hub during temperature changes

Why doesn’t the Edelux headlight have a port for charging electronics?

It would be nice to have an integrated port for charging electronics: Just plug your device into your headlight and charge as you go. Unfortunately, there’s a hitch: At moderate speeds – the speeds most of us ride most of the time – we’re right at the threshold between charging and not charging. Imagine plugging in and unplugging your electronics dozens of times during the charging process – that’s not healthy for the batteries! Instead, SON recommends external chargers that you connect to your generator hub. They have large capacitors to buffer this constant On-and-Off, so that your electronics receive a constant charge.

Headlights don’t have enough space inside for these bulky capacitors… If you only charge your electronics when you ride really fast, that’s OK. Otherwise, it’s not ideal. These days, battery technology is advancing so much that charging electronics is becoming much less of an issue…