177 mm Crankarms Have Arrived

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177 mm Crankarms Have Arrived

The headline says all you need to know: A small quantity of 177 mm crankarms have arrived, so we can custom-build you one-by, double, triple and even tandem cranks. There’s no need to bore you with more stories about supply chain woes. This isn’t a post about why we like our cranks, either – after all, that’s why we make them. Suffice to say that if you’re interested in a low-Q, superlight, ultra-strong crank with a multitude of chainring choices that shift as well as the very best, you’ll like these.

You can run them with the latest electronic shifting, a classic front derailleur, or anything in between. And if you’re waiting for 165 mm cranks, they should arrive in April. Thank you for your patience.

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