Adventure Cyclist reviews The All-Road Bike Revolution

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Adventure Cyclist reviews The All-Road Bike Revolution

We’re excited to share a short review of our book The All-Road Bike Revolution. Adventure Cycling’s Dan Meyer wrote:

“Jan Heine will be a familiar name to longtime readers of this magazine (he wrote the Mechanical Advantage column for years). Heine has long been an evangelist for the “all-road” bike, the one bike that can do it all – touring, racing, carrying a load, and going off-road – with its compliant frame tubing, smart geometry, and wide, tubeless tires. In The All-Road Bike Revolution, Heine packs his decades of bike knowledge into a thoughtful, detailed hardcover addressing anything and everything about the fabled all-road bike: How to choose a bike, what makes an all-road bike, and the science behind a bike’s performance, complete with useful illustrations and graphs. If you like to nerd out to tire pressure and fork offset, this is the book for you, although Heine’s simple, clear explanations will appeal to the lay cyclist as well.”

Thank you for the review! And some of the other books also sound really interesting (click on the image for high-res)…

More information about The All-Road Bike Revolution.

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