All Tires Back in Stock

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All Tires Back in Stock

It’s been busy at Rene Herse Cycles. With all the big gravel races on the calendar, plus many riders planning their own private adventures, tires have been flying off the shelves. As a result of this surge in demand, a few popular models were out of stock for a few weeks: The ultra-tough 700C x 42 Hurricane Ridge Endurance Plus. The super-wide and plush 29″ x 2.2″ Fleecer Ridge Endurance. And the perennial favorite, the 650B x 55 Umtanum Ridge in the ultra-supple Extralight casing.

We were also running low on our 700C x 28 Chinook Pass. As racing bikes go to wider tires, the Chinooks have been exceedingly popular, and not just because Lauren de Crescenzo won the biggest stage race in the U.S., the Tour of the Gila, against strong international competition, on Chinook Pass Extralights (below).

Just in time for Unbound and the melting of the snow in the Cascade Mountains, we’ve received another tire shipment. We’re happy to report that all Rene Herse tires are in stock now. With every set of tires we ship out, we think of the great rides and adventures they’ll see, and the smiles they’ll bring to the faces of their riders.

Photo credit: Kevin Fickling/Shimano (Photo 1)

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