Compass 31.8 mm Randonneur Handlebars

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Compass 31.8 mm Randonneur Handlebars

Compass Randonneur Bars 31.8 Clamp
We are glad to offer our Compass Randonneur handlebars with a clamp diameter of 31.8 mm (for modern stems), in addition to the 25.4 mm model we introduced last year.
These handlebars have been very popular, and for good reasons. They support the rider’s hands much better than conventional handlebars. Having ridden them (and the 1940s Mavic/AVA bars on which these are modeled) in two Paris-Brest-Paris, a 24-hour Flèche, and on numerous tours, they are by far my favorite handlebars.
Unfortunately, too many modern handlebars have a very short reach and a very square shape (above), which locks you into just three hand positions. After a few hours of riding, these bars often feel uncomfortable, and during longer rides, you can even suffer from nerve damage.
Compass Randonneur Bars 31.8 Clamp
The generous curves of Compass handlebars allow you to find the perfect hand position on a continuum: Moving your hands slightly in- or outward will also change your wrist angle. And, of course, you can change your hand position during the ride.
We now offer both Compass handlebars for modern 31.8 mm stems: The Randonneur (above) has an upward sweep that provides a curves that supports the cupped palm of your hand perfectly.
Compass Maes Parallel 31.8
The Maes Parallel (above) offers flat ramps and generous space to roam as you ride. (Both models are also available in a 25.4 mm diameter. For 26.0 mm stems, we offer a shim that increases the diameter for a perfect fit.)
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