Early-Season Rides

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Early-Season Rides

The cycling season has started again. In January and February, the Bicycle Quarterly team begins our training with long rides at an unhurried pace. This year, we’ve been lucky with the weather, with many clear days and gorgeous views. Mount Rainier (above)…
cascades_2… the Cascade Mountains in the morning mist…
…and Mount Baker near sunset.
Some days have been foggy and wet…
… but with the right clothing and equipment, we enjoy riding, no matter the weather. (We prefer sunshine, though!)
Many of our rides now include some gravel, which provides a nice change of scenery and a freedom from traffic.
We are not in a rush, so there is plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and stop to take photos.
Most of our rides include a stop at a café, bakery or taco truck.
Then we look over our bikes leaning against the wall and are grateful for the wonderful experiences they give us.
Riding when you are “out of shape” sounds uncomfortable and hard, but with friends and bikes like these, the emphasis changes from suffering to experiencing beauty together. As a side benefit, we get in shape for the great adventures of the summer.

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