Everybody Needs a Good Read

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Everybody Needs a Good Read

In the current situation, the news can become overwhelming. We want to be aware, but we also need to tune out from time to time to retain our sanity. That’s when we make a cup of tea and sit down with a good magazine…

So we’ve decided to do another mailing of our latest Bicycle Quarterly as early as next week. Readers will have a fun time following Leo Brasil on a bikepacking adventure on the Estrada Real in Brazil. Krysten Koehn takes you on an otherworldly adventure in Iceland. And closer to home, Anton Krupicka heads out with a friend to climb Colorado’s tallest peaks—riding their bikes to the foot of each climb. We test a magnesium all-road bike that offers world-class performance at a very affordable price. And for something different, we look at the history of cycling wear, with perspectives from current riders who talk about when they prefer performance wear and when they eschew the all-lycra look.

Bicycle Quarterly isn’t just full of articles by some of the best authors in cycling—it also features award-winning photography. We print the magazine locally here in Seattle on the best paper (with a large recycled content). Because we feel that in our digital world, turning off your screen and sitting down with a magazine should be a special treat.

That thought has been on our minds as we’re preparing the new Autumn/Winter Bicycle Quarterly. In this edition, we celebrate road cycling in the classic sense. Pavement is a wonderful thing, whether for a short spin or a big adventure.

Paris-Brest-Paris this year wasn’t easy—riding 1200 km (750 miles) never is. You’ll read a story of perseverance even when things did not go according to plan, with a happy ending.

Eleven-year-old Futo Togashi (below) had a dream. He wanted to ride along the entire length of Japan, from north to south. He is the youngest cyclist to complete this 3,000 km (1,850 mile) journey. Inspired by a classic Manga cartoon, he and his father rode beautiful cyclotouring bikes on their big adventure. We are sure you’ll enjoy his story and a detailed look at his bike. Those are just two of many interesting articles in the upcoming Bicycle Quarterly.

Subscribe today, and we’ll include your copy in next week’s mailing of our current edition. And then you’ll also be among the first to get the new Autumn/Winter Bicycle Quarterly. Because we all deserve a break to focus on the things we love.

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