Gift Certificates

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Gift Certificates

Usually, products we sell are products we need ourselves. Most of our components are created because we needed something we could not find elsewhere, whether it’s a high-volume, supple tire, a book about René Herse, or a handlebar with more reach and better hand positions.
Recently, a customer contacted us with a need of a different sort. He wrote: “I can’t find gift certificates in your shop – is this an option? I’d love to convince my family to stop getting me Nashbar gift certificates, but I need a good alternative.”
We figured that others might face similar disappointments in the holiday gifts they receive, and to help everybody involved, we decided to offer gift certificates. The recipient gets a certificate in the mail, as well as an e-mail confirmation. Our gift certificates can be redeemed for magazines, books, posters and calendars from Bicycle Quarterly Press, as well as bicycle components from our sister company Compass Bicycles. More information is here.
We wish you a happy and joyous holiday season!

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