More Umtanum 650Bs and a New 26″ Tire

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More Umtanum 650Bs and a New 26″ Tire

Let’s start with the new tire: We’re excited to expand our 26″ offerings with the 26″ x 1.8″ Naches Pass Endurance. The Naches Pass is the 26″ equivalent of our iconic 650B Babyshoe Pass – the tires we ride on our own bikes more than any others. In fact, Natsuko runs the Naches Pass on her C. S. Hirose, shown above on the old trail across – yes – Naches Pass. (All our tires are named after the passes that have inspired them.) The Naches Pass has always been tubeless compatible, and the Endurance casing provides another option for riders looking to upgrade the rubber of their 26″ bike.

You’ve seen our new 650B x 55 Umtanum Ridge tire prototypes tested on a beautiful custom Fern…

They’ve even covered much of the incredible Silk Road Mountain Race with Anna Petters. But you haven’t been able to buy them (unless you were lucky). The first two shipments each sold out within hours, proving all those wrong who have proclaimed 650B ‘dead.’ (But those are probably the same people who a few years ago declared “26 inch is dead!”)

Anyhow, another shipment of Umtanums arrived – including the Standard casing this time. Quantities are still limited, but they should last a bit longer this time.

This shipment also included most other Rene Herse tire models. Thank you for your patience – and enjoy the new tires!

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