NUDA is here!

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NUDA is here!

We just received the first shipment of our Rene Herse × Barbieri Nuda carbon minipumps – the big sister of the tiny Nana pump that has been one of our all-time best sellers.

The Nuda is a collaboration between Barbieri in Italy and Rene Herse Cycles. Barbieri had discontinued this model years ago, but they agreed to make it just for us.

The Nuda is similar to the Nana – same diameter and same internals – but it’s longer. Surprisingly, the extra length only adds 5 grams to the weight: 30 g for the Nuda compared to 25 g for the Nana. On these pumps, the weight is in the ends, not the carbon tubes that make up the barrel and the plunger. Both the Nana and the Nuda are among the world’s lightest pumps.

Remarkable is what you get in return for those 5 g in extra weight: With each stroke, the Nuda pushes out 85% more air than the Nana. And since the diameter is the same, both pumps share the ultra-light action that lets you inflate your tire with rapid, easy strokes. I’ve used the Nuda to inflate a 54 mm-wide Rat Trap Pass tire while my friends were waiting – I had run over a huge nail – and I didn’t feel like I was imposing on them…

So why do we still offer the Nana? Well, sometimes you really want the lightest and smallest pump… but more importantly, the Nana fits into a jersey pocket or small underseat bag. The Nuda is too long for that – at 20 cm (8″) long, it fits in a handlebar or frame bag.

Don’t try to carry the Nuda in a jersey pocket! How do I know? Well, this whole project got started when I rode with Natsuko’s Nuda pump in my jersey pocket. It fell out and got lost. It’s a long story, but I’m happy to finally return Natsuko’s favorite pump! And now I have my own Nuda to carry in my handlebar bag – and a Nana for rides on bikes that don’t have bags.

Click here for more info about the Nuda and Nana pumps.

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