Oregon Outback with Lael

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Oregon Outback with Lael

It’s been a busy weekend planning, packing, figuring out how to make a Spot tracker work, and going on a shake-down ride on my new bike. Now all is ready, I’m heading down to Portland on the Coast Starlight to meet Lael and Rue. Lael and I plan to start our non-stop ride on the Oregon Outback on Wednesday morning – tentatively at 5 a.m. Once we start riding, you can follow our progress at the link below as our dots move across Oregon. And if you’re near the course, or riding the Outback yourself, say ‘Hi’ if you see us!


Below are the things I plan to carry on my bike – mostly food, some clothes (with more going into the handlebar bag as the day warms up) and a few spares and tools. It’s a long ride, and services are few and far between. I love the wide-open spaces of eastern Oregon, and riding with Lael is always a special treat. There’s much to look forward to!

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