René Herse Cranks are Here!

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René Herse Cranks are Here!

Customers who pre-ordered their René Herse cranks before February 1 should receive a box in the next few days. Inside…

…is the new René Herse crank. It is delivered with our custom crank bolts and pedal washers. We are ramping up production slowly to ensure the cranks are made to our quality standards. Even though we work with the best suppliers, there have been challenges. The first batch arrived last week. It’s already sold out, thanks to our pre-orders. More cranks are expected to arrive later this week. Then we will be able to fill all pre-orders (except for single-ring and tandem cranks, which are machined separately), as well as have more in stock. This week’s delivery should include all chainring sizes ranging from 24 to 50 teeth.

We are proud of our custom-made René Herse crank bolts. Like the classic Herse crank bolts, they incorporate the washers, so you never risk forgetting to remove the washer and stripping your crank threads as your crank puller pushes on the washer instead of the bottom bracket spindle. The bolts are made from high-strength steel (Grade 8.8) and chrome-plated. (Stainless steel is not strong enough for the forces required to properly seat a crank on a square taper.)
In addition to including the crank bolts with our cranks, we also sell them separately. I plan to install them on most of my bikes, to improve their appearance and function. (Like René Herse, I don’t use dust shields on my cranks. With these bolts, there is no reason to hide them.)
The bolts fit on (almost) any traditional crank/bottom bracket combination. The head fits a 15 mm crank wrench, like old-style Campagnolo (and many other) crank bolts.

Our cranks also come with pedal washers. These small parts can make a real difference when the time comes to remove your pedals. They provide a smoother transition from the pedal spindle to the crank, which can prevent the spindle edge from digging into the crank. We also offer these separately.
For more information, see Compass Bicycles web site.

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