Rene Herse UD-1 Racks now with 250 mm Struts

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Rene Herse UD-1 Racks now with 250 mm Struts

We always work on improving our products. For every ground-breaking change, there are dozens of small improvements that we make all the time in our production runs. One recent one was to increase the length of the standard struts on our UD-1 racks from 240 to 250 mm. Why does this matter? Many bikes are equipped with mid-fork eyelets, and the old struts often were juuuust too short to reach them. With the new struts, you get that little bit extra.

With a platform made from tubular Cromoly steel, the UD-1 rack is super-strong and superlight. (In’s big rack test, the UD-1 was by far the lightest front rack.) The U-shaped attachment to the fork crown is much stiffer than the straps you find on other racks, but it does require a hole all the way through the fork crown.

The diagonal struts attach to any eyelet on the fork side or on the dropout. To reach all the way down to the dropouts, we offer extra-long 420 mm struts. The struts are made from aluminum, so they are easy to cut to the correct length. (When in doubt, choose the longer ones!)

Some customers have asked why the long struts cost a little more. The answer is simple: The standard struts fit into the anodizing bath horizontally. The extra-long struts need to be hung vertically, which requires extra labor and means that fewer struts fit into the bath. That adds a little extra cost.

For bikes with cantilever brakes, we offer the UD-2 racks that attach to the canti posts. The ultra-strong rack platform is the same for both models, and the struts are available separately, so you can even move your rack from one type of bike to another.

For more Information, check out the Rene Herse rack program.

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