80th Anniversary Rene Herse Frameset Down Payment


$ 5,600 – $ 6,400: Full cost of 80th Anniversary Rene Herse frameset

To celebrate 80 years of Rene Herse bikes, we’re excited to offer a limited edition of 8 frames and forks. These are based on the bikes that we use for our own adventures, whether we are exploring the long-lost gravel passes of the Cascade Mountains or set out to ‘do a time’ in the 1200 km Paris-Brest-Paris.

Colors: The 80th Anniversary Rene Herse frames will be available in a choice of three colors:

  • A dark blue inspired by cresting the iconic Tourmalet at midnight during the Raid Pyrénéen, the 720 km non-stop ride from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Medium Blue Gray: A modern take on the color of the Rene Herse team bikes that dominated randonneuring events during the 1950s. With a touch of gray, the new color evokes the big sky and dry landscapes of the Oregon Outback.
  • Classic Black: Many of Herse’s randonneur bikes were simply black, because the workmanship and beautiful lines of the bikes spoke for themselves.

Availability: With only eight frames available, not everybody will be able to get one. We’re asking riders what they plan to do with the bikes and why they want one, and allocate the frames based on that – just like René Herse did 50 years ago with the riders he equipped as part of his team.

To order, please choose your frame below, then head to ‘checkout’ and describe in a few words under ‘Comments’: What is the favorite bike you currently own? Why do you want to order a Rene Herse? The $ 100 is a down payment – it’ll be refunded if you don’t get a bike.

The cost of the complete frameset is $ 5,600 – 6,400, depending on the specification. If you are on the list to get a frame, we will ask for a 50% deposit. The remaining 50% is due when the frame is about to be built. Once your order is accepted, deposits are not refundable.

After we take your order, we will contact you to discuss the specification of your bike (tube selection, etc.) in detail. Once the specification is established, it will be final.

Delivery will be in 2022 – early in the year if all goes well, but we’re not making promises!

These frames are built in collaboration with skilled craftspeople who are irreplaceable. If it becomes impossible to deliver these frames due to circumstances beyond our control, we may refund the entire purchase price and not deliver your frame.

Cost of 80th Anniversary Rene Herse frame:

  • With BSC bottom bracket shell: $ 5,600
  • With Rene Herse bottom bracket installed (107 mm spindle): $ 5,900
  • With Rene Herse front derailleur installed: $ 6,400
  • Shipping will be charged separately.

Orders will open on August 15 and close on August 25, 2021.

  • Geometry / Handling / Fit:
    • These frames are designed with a low-trail front-end geometry for a bent-elbows riding position with a light touch on the handlebars. If you tend to grip the handlebars firmly, these bikes will feel 'nervous,' as they react even to small handlebar inputs.
    • Like most Rene Herse frames, the 80th anniversary models has a horizontal top tube and not much standover clearance, if any. In decades of riding, we have found that this is usually not an issue, since you put only one foot down when you stop.
    • Need a frame in a size outside the range we offer? Want a specific seat tube angle, generous stand-over clearance, or a geometry or fit that we don't offer? Please talk to a custom builder about making a frame for you – we're not expert bike fitters, and we offer these frames only in the size range and with geometries where we have experience.
  • Specifications:
  • Frame: Kaisei tubing (Extralight, Mule or Oversize)
    • Click here for more info about our frame tubing.
  • Fork: Kaisei 'TOEI Special' blades, Rene Herse crown, SON SL system
  • Bottom bracket: Rene Herse pressed-in bearings (for Rene Herse double crank) or BSC
  • Dropouts: Rene Herse (rear), SON SL (front)
  • Front derailleur:
    • standard derailleur hanger
    • Rene Herse lever-operated front derailleur (+$ 500)
  • Rear derailleur:
    • standard derailleur hanger
    • Nivex derailleur braze-on
  • Braze-ons:
    • Rene Herse centerpull brakes
    • Rene Herse CP-1 rack
    • cable guides, slotted (for Rinko)
    • fender braze-ons on rear bridges
    • standard shift levers
    • Rene Herse taillight
    • Low-rider on fork (optional)
  • Steerer tube: 1" threaded, brazed-in tube for Rene Herse stem optional
  • Wheel size: 650B x 42 mm (medium and large frames); 26" x 1.8" (small frames)
  • Note: Minor changes to specifications due to parts availability may be necessary.