The All-Road Bike Revolution


Modern all-road bikes combine attributes that were considered mutually exclusive just a few years ago: comfort and performance. Speed on smooth pavement and on rough gravel roads. A lively feel and the ability to carry a camping load. Handling that is both stable when the rider is tired and responsive on twisty mountain descents. All-road bikes combine the best aspects of racing, touring and even mountain bikes in just one bicycle.

Based on the latest research, this book explains how all-road bikes work and what is important when choosing one. A must-read for cyclists interested in the technology of their bikes, and for every cyclist contemplating his or her next bike purchase. Illustrations by Miyoshi are not just whimsical and fun, they also focus the reader’s eye on what is essential in a way that no technical drawing can. Reading about bikes should be as much fun as riding them!

256 pages; 148 mm x 210 mm (5.8″ x 8.3″); Printed in USA


“Our first all-road bike that combined road-bike speed and go-anywhere capabilities was a selfish project — it enabled us to ride how we wanted. We quickly learned many others want the same. Jan Heine’s book tells you how to get the most fun out of your bike.”

—Gerard Vroomen, co-founder of OPEN and Cervélo

“The proven science of cycling, backed by fascinating, anecdotal applicability, will be appreciated by everyone. From first-time bicycle owner to life-long cyclist looking to purchase their 20th bike, this book covers it all.”

—Ted King, gravel racer

“It’s hard to describe the joy of riding in words and maybe even harder to give advice on gear selection when riders have such different goals. This book does both in simple terms. It’s easy to understand and answers so many questions. The main idea is to have a comfortable, fast machine that takes you everywhere you want to go. The more fun you have on a bike, the more you’ll want to ride it.”

—Lael Wilcox, bikepacker

“The All-Road Bike Revolution summarizes two decades of research in an approachable way for a non-technical audience. If you’re into road, gravel, cyclocross, bike touring, or bikepacking, then this book is a must read!”

—The Bike Sauce

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