Rene Herse Centerpull Brake, Direct Mount


Simply the best rim brakes for all-road bikes. More stopping power for braking in the rain or during emergencies. Better modulation for braking deep into turns and on slippery surfaces without the risk of locking up a wheel. Superlight weight is an added benefit.

Centerpull brakes locate the pivot close to the brake shoes, which minimizes flex and maximizes brake power and feel/modulation. Rene Herse centerpull brakes use forged arms and custom-made hardware to provide the ultimate in strength and light weight. The leverage of the arms is optimized to provide superior braking power, yet the pads have plenty of clearance in case your wheel goes out of true.

The brakes require mounting posts that are brazed onto the frame. The posts are not included, but available separately. These brakes do not fit on posts for cantilever brakes.

Sold individually, to give you a maximum of flexibility when spec’ing your bike. Requires Rene Herse centerpull braze-ons to mount the brake. Each brake comes with all required hardware, a straddle cable yoke, and Kool-Stop salmon-colored brake pads. Includes one set of standard and one set of angled washers to set toe-in.

Also available in a Rinko version and for bolt-on mounting.

  • Optimized for 42 mm wide tires and full fender clearance
  • Braze-on mounting only
  • Requires specific mounts
  • Does not fit on cantilever mounts
  • 137 g (per wheel with titanium eyebolts; without braze-ons, pads)
  • Steel eyebolts add 8 g (per wheel) plus 1.3 g (straddle cable yoke)
  • Downloadable installation instructions
  • Assembled in Seattle from parts made in Taiwan and USA
  • 10 year warranty