Rene Herse Rack Mounting Bolts


A better way to mount a rack on your brake pivots: These Rene Herse brake mounting bolts have a forward extension to attach the rack. That way, the vibrations of the brake will not loosen the bolt, which often happens when you sandwich brake and rack on the same bolt.

Set of 2 bolts, 2 serrated washers and 2 nuts.

Pro Tip: The rounded transition from head to shaft increases the bolt strength. Your frame’s brake posts must be countersunk to prevent flaring.

  • M6 bolt to attach centerpull or cantilever brake with built-in washer
  • M5 forward extension to attach rack, with domed nut
  • 10 mm head (bolt), 8 mm nut
  • Lockwasher for rack attachment
  • Suitable for centerpull and cantilever brakes
  • Strong Cromoly steel, chrome-plated for durability
  • Made in Taiwan and Japan