Berthoud Open Women’s Saddles


A saddle with a cutout that really works! The sophisticated shape of the Berthoud Open saddles ensures that you can’t feel the edges of the cutout. (On saddles with straight-sided openings, the sharp edges can be uncomfortable.) Choose between titanium rails (Agnel) for superlight weight and even more comfort (titanium rails flex more), or economical stainless steel rails (Marie-Blanque).

Leather saddles offer the ultimate in comfort because they shape themselves to your unique anatomy. Berthoud saddles use modern materials and construction methods while maintaining the advantages of a tensioned leather saddle. The leather is thick and initially firm, but Berthoud saddles are pre-softened to shorten the break-in. They are comfortable after just a few rides, and then they last many years. Berthoud saddles are fully rebuildable, should the need arise (or if you want to change your saddle’s color).

Not sure which Berthoud saddle is best for you? Read our guide for choosing your saddle.

Pro Tip: If your saddle is too hard, treat both sides with Obenauf’s or a similar leather preservative. If you don’t want your saddle to soften too much, treat only the top surface.

  • Dimensions:
    • 248 mm long
    • 157 mm wide
    • 64 mm rail (straight section for seatpost attachment)
  • Weight: 375 g (titanium); 450 g (stainless steel)
  • Rails: grade 5 titanium (Agnel); stainless steel (Marie-Blanque)
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Water resistant leather treatment
  • Made in France