Berthoud Panniers

Berthoud Panniers


Berthoud panniers combine waterproof durability with handcrafted style. They’ve been around for decades, and they seem to last forever. The laces on the larger models allow adjusting the volume, from a quick overnight trip to a round-the-world tour.

The traditional mounting system, with leather straps and a steel spring, tensions the panniers, so they don’t rattle. The straps fit on (almost) any rack. The buckles make the panniers are harder to remove, which acts as a theft deterrent when you leave the bike unattended: You don’t want to carry all your bags every time you visit a cathedral or museum!

We offer these special models in the classic blue-gray color and in black-on-black. Both colors develop a nice patina over decades of use.

Sold as pairs.

Pro Tip: We use the largest GB 372 and usually carry our entire load on a front low-rider for the best handling and performance.

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  • Leather straps and metal spring
  • Attach to almost any rack
  • Don't rattle
  • Waterproof cotton
  • Leather edging (tan) or nylon edging (black-on-black)
  • Laces for adjusting volume
  • GB 1500 (small): 25 liter/pair, 21 x 35 cm (8.5″ x 14″). Single leather strap. Spacing between rack attachment straps: 16 cm. Weight: 1380 g.
  • GB 367 (medium): 33 liter/pair, 31 x 35 cm (12″ x 14″), tapered for heel clearance. Double leather strap. Spacing between rack attachment straps: 18 cm. Weight: 1750 g.
  • GB 372 (large): 39 liter/pair, 35 x 35 cm (14″ x 14″), square shape – ideal for carrying on the front. Double leather strap. Outside pockets. Spacing between rack attachment straps: 18 cm. Weight: 2150 g.
  • Made in France
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