Berthoud Saddlebag, Strap


Lightweight, beautiful and functional: The Berthoud saddlebags are banana-shaped to optimize the space under the saddle without getting in the way of your pedaling legs. They are sewn from the same waterproof cotton with durable leather edging as other Berthoud luggage (tan edging; black edging is tough Nylon). These bags have proven themselves for decades over hundreds of thousands of miles.

Attaches to the rails of all saddles with a toestrap (included), so it’s tucked close and doesn’t sway. Also available with KlickFix attachment for Berthoud saddles.

Available in the classic blue-gray color, in black with tan leather edging, or in the black-on-black. All colors develop a nice patina over the decades.

  • Blue-gray or Black waterproof cotton
  • Leather edging (tan); nylon (black)
  • Secure buckle closure
  • Weight: 242 g
  • Made in France