SON Coaxial Hub Adapter


Convert your SON generator hub to a coaxial plug with this adapter. The female part plugs onto the tabs of a standard SON generator hub. The male part is soldered onto the coaxial cable of your headlight. Edelux II headlights are also available with the coaxial connector already installed.

Pro Tip: The standard SON spade plugs are field-serviceable, but they require careful installation so they are strong enough that they don’t come off if the wheel is removed accidentally without unplugging the connectors. The coaxial connectors are more forgiving and have proven 100% reliable.

  • Compatible with all standard (non-SL) SON generator hubs.
  • Compatible with older SON generator hubs, too.
  • Weight: 5 g
  • Made in Germany
Availability: Out of stock

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