Rene Herse Smooth Fenders 26″ for 48-60 mm tires (H98 26″)


A fender specially designed for ultra-wide 26″ all-road tires – a perfect fit for Rene Herse 26″ x 2.3″ Rat Trap Pass tires. At 75 mm wide, this fender works well with mountain bike and One-By drivetrains with a wider chainline. For use with road drivetrains, you can either indent the fender or choose the narrower H80-650B fender (with the same radius, but less coverage on the sides of the tire). The H98 fender is made from thicker aluminum for extra strength, so it’s well-suited for rough terrain where your tires can pick up sticks and rocks that risk collapsing less-strong fenders. (Of course, no fenders are totally fool-proof – always use good judgment and caution when riding off-pavement.)

Aluminum fenders keep you drier and your bike cleaner. The uninterrupted inside profile and rolled edges prevent water from coming out on the sides of the fenders. Rene Herse fenders are made to our specifications by Honjo in Japan, with longer blades for better coverage to keep your feet and drivetrain drier and cleaner. Special Rene Herse mounting hardware (included) ensures a rattle-free, secure attachment. Detailed, illustrated instructions guide you through the installation process.

Also available with tubular fender stays that save 35 g without a loss in strength. 

Pro Tip: Not sure which fender size is correct for your bike? Click here for our recommendations.

  • 75 mm wide
  • 592 g (with tubular stays and all hardware)
  • Front wheel coverage: 95 cm, 140°
  • Rear wheel coverage: 130 cm, 195°
  • Fender blades can be shortened, if desired
  • Rolled edges keep water inside
  • Stiff aluminum construction is rattle-free
  • Made in Japan
  • Rene Herse fenders include everything you need to direct-mounting the fenders:
  • 2 fender blades (front + rear)
  • 2 stays
  • 2 leather washers to go between frame and fender
  • 4 extra-short 7 mm Rene Herse eyebolts (Daruma) to attach fenders to stays
  • 1 eyebolt (Daruma) to attach fender to fork crown
  • 4 R-clamps (to attach stays to threaded eyelets)
  • Detailed, illustrated mounting instructions
Not included (available separately):