Kool-Stop Tire Bead Jack


Installing tires on rims with shallow wells can be tough. And tubeless-compatible tires can have a tight fit. We’ve been there: pinched tubes, broken tire levers, bruised thumbs. That’s where Kool-Stop’s Tire Bead Jack comes in handy. Hook one end onto the rim and the other under the tire bead. Grasp the comfortable handle and pull the tire over the rim wall – without any risk of pinching the tube. Every toolbox should have one! And at 82 g, it’s light enough to carry in your frame pack or handlebar bag.

Pro Tip: Don’t use brute force when the tire bead isn’t in the center of the rim well. If the tire bead is sitting on the shelf next to the rim wall in one or two places, push it into the center of the rim before you pull out the Tire Bead Jack. On most modern rims, you don’t need tools to install Rene Herse tires.

  • Weight: 82 g
  • Made in USA
Availability: In stock