Ted King and Jan chat about Arkansas

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Ted King and Jan chat about Arkansas

Ted King called after the Arkansas High Country Race and asked: “Would you like to talk about Arkansas on my podcast?”

It’s fun to chat with Ted. He’s one of the smartest people I know. His interests run far and wide, and his enthusiasm knows no bounds. I wish we could take all our readers along on our rides, so they could join the conversation. Fortunately, this podcast allows you to do just that.

As always with Ted, I learned a lot. He doesn’t just ask great questions, but he also offers his own insights—on everything from strategy for the 47-hour race to the UCI Gravel World Championships. We discuss whether pro racers will soon be on 32 mm tires, how to train for long races when time is limited… and… and…

Rather than tell you more, just tune in below and enjoy!

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