ARHC: A podium entirely on Rene Herse tires

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ARHC: A podium entirely on Rene Herse tires

When the podium for the challenging South Loop of the 2023 Arkansas High Country Race was announced, we were excited to see that all riders in the first places chose Rene Herse tires:

  • 1st and FKT – Andrew Onermaa: 700×55 Fleecer Ridge Endurance
  • 2nd – Bryan Dougherty: 700×42 Hurricane Ridge Endurance
  • 3rd – Jan Heine: 26″ x 2.3″ Rat Trap Pass Extralight
  • 1st Singlespeed and FKT – Joe Fox: 700×55 Fleecer Ridge Endurance

The gravel roads of the Arkansas High Country are often extremely rocky and steep, and the descents are fast and narrow. It’s an extreme test for the tires (and the riders!), and we’re glad our Rene Herse tires pass with flying colors. Neither Andrew nor Jan suffered any tires issues during the 485-mile race. (We were unable to talk to the other two…) We’ll continue to test our tires and improve them further, so they remain the tire of choice for the most challenging races and adventures.

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