Bicycle Quarterly Price Increase

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Bicycle Quarterly Price Increase

As we’re getting ready to celebrate the 20 years of Bicycle Quarterly, we’d rather tell you about the anniversary edition we’re preparing, with a look back at the most beautiful bikes we’ve featured over all these years, and the background story of our technical research that has changed the bike world. We want to take you to Corsica with a group of young cyclotourists on refurbished classic bikes, invite you to join Lael in Kenya, and take you along in last month’s Arkansas High Country Race. That’ll be soon…

Today’s topic is more prosaic: Inflation has been in the news this year. It seems to be getting better, but many price increases are only now working their way through the system. Bicycle Quarterly is published four times a year, and with each edition, printing costs have increased significantly. Until now, we’ve absorbed the higher costs, hoping they’d be temporary. But that seems unlikely now… Instead, we’re grateful that prices had been stable for so long: We’ve kept the cover and subscription prices the same since 2014! Looking at it from that perspective, the upcoming price increase of about 11% amounts to less than 1.5% a year.

We’d also like to give our readers the opportunity to lock in the old rates. Until November 20 (that’s this coming Sunday), you can subscribe or renew at the old rate of $ 36/year (U.S.; Canada: $ 55; other countries: $ 60), for up to three years. Even if your subscription has not expired, you can renew at this rate: We’ll simply add the renewal to the duration of your existing subscription.

Rather than explain subscription rates, we want to talk about the great magazines you’ll get when you subscribe. There’ll be one more mailing of BQ 80 with Hailey Moore’s amazing story of her Ozark Gravel Doom FKT, Donalrey’s beautiful photos from Tenerife, a photo feature of the Rene Herse we built for Unbound XL, a test of the Allied Echo that converts from a road to a gravel bike, and the story of the Sano-Magic Mahogany Sportif, a high-performance cyclotouring bike built almost entirely from wood.

Our 4-packs of Past Editions are also going up in price next week. These include the ‘Past Year of BQ’ that allows you to catch up on all the great stories and rides you’ve been hearing about. Or select your own favorites among BQ’s back catalog for your very own 4-pack.

Subscribe now to lock in the old prices and get your own Bicycle Quarterlies to delight and inspire. Then make a cup of tea and sit down with a real magazine to enjoy stories, research and perspectives that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

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