Bicycle Quarterly Spring 2012

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Bicycle Quarterly Spring 2012

Cyclists come in all sizes, as illustrated on the cover of the Spring 2012 Bicycle Quarterly. In this issue, we look at riders that are outside the range of our usual testers. How will a low-trail bike handle for a novice rider? Is “planing” something that all cyclists can experience? How would one build a great bike for a rider who is shorter or taller than our testers? How do wider tires feel to a rider who is used to racing bikes?
The Spring issue features reports from two riders who are new to classic randonneur bikes. One is taller, one is shorter, one a novice cyclist, the other an experienced rider. In addition to their riding experiences, we feature the geometries and tubing selections of their bikes. We also interviewed Lennard Zinn about how he designs bikes for tall riders.
Then we have three brothers report on their bicycle trip in Hannibal’s footsteps across Europe. The series about our editor’s new custom bike continues with an in-depth look at the Nivex derailleur. There are bike and component tests, book reviews, “My Favorite Bike” and more.
The Spring issue is running off the presses right now. It will go in the mail in next week. Readers should get it by April 28. (If you have moved, please let us know ASAP, so we can mail the magazine to the correct address.)
Click here for more information and images from the Spring issue.

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