Best Tires for the Great Divide

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With the 2021 Tour Divide happening this year – on a shortened course, since the Canadian border is still closed – Neil Beltchenko from looked at what he considers the best tire for this challenging 2,745-mile (4,418 km) course. Neil has more experience than most: He has ridden and raced the Divide several times.

After reviewing the offerings from the big makers, Neil explains which tire he would use for this ride/race with its many challenges and conditions that range from mud and snow to fast hardpack and even pavement. We’re honored that Neil’s first choice is our Rene Herse Fleecer Ridge!

After putting more than 2,000 miles on his Fleecers, Neil explains: “It almost feels like you are on a slick tire. Even when you’re cornering, the tire is extremely fast. But when you do get off-road and you’re riding on some more rough terrain, it definitely hooks up.” He also mentions the durability – as you can see in the photos, his Fleecers have “quite a bit of life left.”

Click above to watch the video and hear from Neil what he says about the different tires, and why he choses the Fleecer Ridge.

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