BQ Un-Meeting Dates and Routes

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BQ Un-Meeting Dates and Routes

The 2021 Bicycle Quarterly Un-Meeting will be hosted by Bicycle Counterculture (BCC) in Marin County, California. A group campsite is reserved at Samuel P. Taylor State Park on

What: Bicycle Quarterly Un-Meeting
When: Thursday and Friday, September 16-17, 2021
Where: Madrone Group Campsite, Samuel P. Taylor State Park
Who: Everybody who enjoys cycling off the beaten path
Why: Because it’s fun to ride with old friends and make new ones

The rides start on Friday (9/17) at 9:30 a.m. at the park, with courses that range from a 30-mile (50 km) paved route to the Mt. Tam Dirtventure Loop with lots of climbing and steep descents. There’s camping again on Friday night and a campfire (conditions permitting).

Here’s a description of the courses from Adem Rudin, who has scouted the routes:

1) Mt. Tamalpais Dirtventure Loop: 2/3 of this 53 mile / 5700 ft (85 km / 1700 m) loop is unpaved. We will traverse the full length of San Geronimo Ridge, climb Old Railroad Grade to the top of Mt. Tam, and return towards camp on Bolinas Ridge. Expect everything from smooth dirt under lush forests (above), to rocky trails along exposed ridges (below).

2) Mt. Tamalpais Pavement Loop: This route has similar overall length and elevation gain to the ride above and will also take riders to the top of Mt. Tam (below), but is entirely paved. 

These two rides overlap in several places, so riders can mix and match to choose their own adventure if they want. Some alternate combinations (AB) are included in the ride collection (below).

3) Nicasio Valley: For riders who want a more relaxed ride with less elevation gain, this is a 30 mile / 1700 ft (50 km / 500 m) ride through Nicasio Valley. Stop for lunch in Point Reyes Station around the 20 mile mark.

Click here for the route collection.

The Bicycle Quarterly Un-Meeting is our annual get-together of cyclists who enjoy riding off the beaten path. Everybody is welcome – there are no fees, no registration, and also no services. We simply publish a date and a time, and everybody is welcome to join us. You don’t need to be a BQ subscriber, and you certainly don’t need an expensive custom bike. In fact, the most admired bikes at the Un-Meetings are the creative Do-It-Yourself creations built with more imagination than money.

Please make sure your bike is in good working condition, and that you are able to handle whatever may need to be fixed on the road. (‘No Services’ means that there is no sag wagon.) Please ride within your abilities. This year, we request that riders are fully Covid-vaccinated in order to participate for the safety of all. Join us for laid-back, fun rides in the company of like-minded cyclists.

Photo credits: Adem Rudin

Note: The web site for the park shows that the group sites are closed, but that information is out of date. Adem checked with the park, and all is in order for the Un-Meeting to camp at the park.

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