Cycling Weekly on the new Orondo Grades

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Cycling Weekly on the new Orondo Grades

Our new tubeless road tires have a lot of people excited—including the editors at Cycling Weekly, the world’s oldest bike magazine. Luke Friend penned the article. He mentioned the three casings—Standard, Extralight and Endurance—and he was especially impressed with the new tires’ longevity and light weight:

Of course, the truth is that the extra tread does add a little weight: about 10 grams per tire. Otherwise, the Orondo Grades would be even lighter. At Rene Herse, we don’t chase numbers, and that extra rubber really does double the mileage, so it’s worth the small weight penalty. And since that extra rubber is in the center of the tread, and not the sidewalls, it doesn’t affect how the tire flexes—how fast and comfortable it rolls. (And once your tire is half-worn, you’ll have an even lighter tire that still has many miles left.)

You may wonder: How can our Rene Herse tires be so light that even with a little extra rubber, they tip the scales at less than most others? There are two parts to the secret: the very best materials and careful assembly by hand. Using finer threads mean we get tires that are lighter and more supple than others. And with finer tolerances, there’s less need for extra material where casing layers overlap, etc. That makes the tires not only lighter, but also more supple and faster.

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