Front Cable Hangers Back in Stock

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Front Cable Hangers Back in Stock

Every brake system is only as strong as its weakest link, and often that is the cable hanger. When you brake hard, the hanger flexes. That means less braking force is available to squeeze the rim – your brake is lacking in stopping power and feel. To solve this problem, we designed the Rene Herse Front Cable Hanger using Finite Element Analysis to optimize stiffness and light weight.

The Front Cable Hanger fits into 1″ headsets. It replaces 5 mm of washers/spacers. The hanger is available for standard grooved fork steerers or for steerers with a flat rear surface. (The flat surface prevents the headset from loosening.) Choose between a simple ferrule or a barrel adjuster. The ferrule doesn’t flex and provides more brake power and better feel, plus it is slotted for easy removal of the brake cable during Rinko. The barrel adjuster simplifies setting up your brake (available for grooved steerer only).

We’ve just received a small quantity of the Rene Herse Front Cable Hanger. More are on the way, but if you need one urgently, get yours while they last.

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