Let’s Help Ukraine

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Let’s Help Ukraine

We can’t imagine what it’s like right now to be in Ukraine. We’ve heard about bombing raids and invasions from our grandparents and from René Herse’s riders and employees, but those were stories from a time long ago. (The photo above shows the Rene Herse shop window during the German occupation of Paris in the early 1940s.) To huddle in make-shift air raid shelters, to have tanks rumble through the streets, to dodge fighting on the way to buy food… Whatever the outcome of this war, the scars will be deep, and there will be much need.

It’s encouraging to see the world come together in condemning Putin’s invasion. As much as we abhor war, we are encouraged that the Ukrainian defenses are holding better than expected against the overwhelming Russian forces. We are also glad that, after years of coddling dictators and oligarchs, the White House has called Putin’s bluff at every turn, neutralizing all the fabricated excuses for the aggression in real time. We are encouraged by Russians who risk their lives to protest against this war. For Putin, things aren’t going according to plan. The announcement that he has put Russia’s nuclear weapons on alert is another sign of weakness. (There is no nuclear threat from Ukraine, which destroyed the nuclear weapons it inherited from the USSR.) This war may well become Putin’s undoing.

All that doesn’t change the terrible suffering this war is causing. We want to do more than just protest, so we’ve decided to do a fundraiser for two organizations that are able to get help on the ground in Ukraine:

Here is how the fundraiser works: For the next 24 hours, we will donate 50% of all Bicycle Quarterly subscriptions and book purchases to the organizations above. This is your chance to read the magazine, check out our book ‘The All-Road Bike Revolution’ or dive into the fascinating story of ‘René Herse • The Builder • The Bikes • The Riders’.

All you need to do is make your purchase, and we’ll take care of the rest. All you need to do is make your purchase, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our goal is to raise at least $ 10,000 total – with our customers and Rene Herse Cycles each chipping in $ 5,000. We hope we can do more – we’ll match whatever you donate. We’ll report on Wednesday how much we’ve raised.We’ll report on Wednesday how much we’ve raised together.

This fundraiser includes:

A few more details:

  • The fundraiser is open to customers all over the world.
  • If you are already a subscriber, you can donate by renewing your subscription early. We’ll add the magazines to the end of your subscription. (Please select ‘Renewal’ so we know it’s not a second subscription.)
  • If you want to donate more, select multiple subscriptions or books and write in the comments: “Donate extra subs/books.” You’ll get one book or copy of the magazine, and we’ll donate 50% of that amount. For the extras, you won’t get magazines/books, and we’ll donate 100% instead.
  • Shipping charges are not part of the donations. For international BQ subscriptions, we’ll donate 50% of the U.S. subscription price ($18/one year, etc.).
  • Wholesale purchases are not part of the fundraiser.
  • The fundraiser ends on Tuesday, March 1 at 7 a.m. Pacific Time.
  • Click on the links above if you’d like to donate directly to these organizations.

Please consider donating either through our fundraiser or directly. Thank you!

Jan, Natsuko & Rene Herse team

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