NUDA among Josh’s Favs on the Radavist

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NUDA among Josh’s Favs on the Radavist

Usually, we don’t pay much attention to ‘favorites’ lists, since most are little more than paid advertisements. (We get plenty of solicitations to have our products placed on these lists.) This one is different: We didn’t even know Josh Weinberg, on of the contributors on The Radavist, was using a NUDA pump. We’d sent him one as a sample for testing a long time ago, but we’d forgotten about it until he mentioned it as one of his favorite products for 2023. Turns out he’s been using it ever since.

Josh writes about the 30-gram NUDA: “Weighing just 30 grams, I knew this pump would be small and light, but I was still surprised by its mass (or lack thereof) when I received it. The pump body is made from carbon fiber with a few titanium pieces, including the head cover that spins to enclose the valve while not in use. I’m not usually a weight weenie, but I dig the NUDA’s discreet yet useful design.” He found that the pump was great for inflating spare tubes or topping off tubeless tires. The clips “weigh almost nothing and provide a secure lock on the pump even on the most chundery terrain.”

There’s nothing we can add, except say ‘Thank you, Josh.’

You can read Josh’s review—and his other favorites for 2023—on And if you want to get your own NUDA, it’s in stock for $39.

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