Oracle Ridge Tires in Stock

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Oracle Ridge Tires in Stock

Lael Wilcox has been enjoying her Oracle Ridge prototypes all summer in Alaska. Now you can get a set for your bike, too. The new tires are now in stock with Standard, Extralight and Endurance casings.

At 48 mm wide, the 700C Oracle Ridges are designed for the latest generation of all-road bikes, like Lael’s Specialized Diverge. They also are a perfect fit on Salsa’s current-generation Warbirds (we’ve tried it!) and many other bikes. The Oracle Ridge pushes the development of our dual-purpose knobbies one step further. Since this is a road-oriented tire – for gravel and pavement – we’ve spaced the knobs a little closer for an even smoother, faster ride. And our noise cancellation technology makes our latest knobbies almost as quiet as slick tires.

Lael is a great tire tester: She puts lots of miles on the tires quickly, and she rides in all kinds of conditions. She’s already on her second set, and she reports: “The Oracle Ridge are extremely fast— they almost feel like slicks, with great traction.” She also found that they work great in mud – we’ve designed the tread pattern so it self-cleans as the tire rotates.

Some people have noticed that we don’t offer a 700C x 48 mm with our all-road tread pattern… We have no current plans to make one because we think that, once you try these, you may not see the need for anything smoother and faster. (If you do want a smooth tire, we do offer the 44 mm Snoqualmie Pass.)

Also new is the Endurance version of our iconic Babyshoe Pass 650B x 42 mm. Like most of our wide tires (and all Endurance versions), it’s tubeless-compatible. The Babyshoe Pass was right at the start of the all-road revolution, and it still is my favorite tire for a bike that sees as much use on pavement as on gravel.

When we develop new tires, we always think of how they’ll be used. Lael’s rides in Alaska are inspirational. We can’t wait to see where others take our new tires.

Photo credit: Rugile Kaladyte (Photos 1, 2, 4)

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