It can be hard to believe what a difference good fenders make. In the wet, they keep road spray not just off your upper body, but also off your legs and off your bike’s drivetrain. In the dry, they disappear, because they don’t rattle or resonate. Mounted correctly, they last for decades. They add beauty to your bike, rather than detract from it.

Fenders used to be considered temporary accessories that we put on the bike during the rainy season, but removed when it got dry again. Back then, fenders rattled and resonated, and our tires often rubbed during sprints. And the front fender was so short that our legs, feet and chain were covered in crud after rainy rides.

Aluminum fenders, properly mounted, changed our perception of fenders. Rolled edges keep water inside, so it doesn’t drip onto our feet. Our front fenders are long enough to protect our feet and drivetrain, especially after adding a short mudflap.

When you ride with good fenders, you realize how little water falls from the sky when it rains – you used to get wet mostly from road spray caused by your front tire. Once you eliminate that, riding in the rain can be enjoyable and fun.

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“Excellent, and the mounting hardware is first class!”
– M. Petry, Bainbridge Island, WA

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