Rene Herse Universal Mudflap


We’ve teamed up with Ass Savers to create a superlight mudflap that is elegant and keeps your feet dry. Mudflaps are essential on front fenders to prevent spray from reaching your feet and your bike’s drivetrain. Rear mudflaps keep your riding partners happy during rainy rides.

The Rene Herse mudflap slides into the rolled edges of aluminum fenders, so it keeps its shape even at high speeds and in heavy rain. The flexible material is strong and long-wearing. Can be used on front and rear fenders. Top tag can be used to secure lighting wires inside your fenders.

Made from recycled plastic.

Pro Tip: The mudflap can be installed so it’s removable without tools. The Rene Herse Journal has more information about the Rene Herse mudflaps.

  • For front or rear fenders.
  • For use with Rene Herse or Honjo aluminum fenders: H-80 or narrower.
  • Not for use on H-98 fenders.
  • Installation on stainless steel fenders can be difficult. (It’s not always easy to open the rolled fender edges.)
  • Not for use with plastic fenders that don’t have rolled edges.
  • Weight: 15 g
  • Made in Sweden
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