Bicycle Quarterly Past Editions

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  • BQ 36 (Summer 2011)


    Vol. 9, No. 4

    Wheel Size

    Do larger wheels roll better over bumps?
    Power-meter tests on controlled surfaces
    Collecting roads
    Restoring a PBP-winning R. Herse tandem
    Peter Weigle on shaving tires
    Test: Ellis 700C Randonneur

  • BQ 35 (Spring 2011)


    Vol. 9, No. 3

    Urban Cycling; Frame Stiffness

      Urban cycling in San Luis Obispo
      Can we “Copenhagenize” North American cities?
      Interview with Mel Pinto, importer of European bikes
      Measuring frame stiffness
      Test: Pereira Gent’s Bike
      Test: Surly Big Dummy
  • BQ 34 (Winter 2010)


    Vol. 9, No. 2

    Randonneuring in Post-War France
    Gilbert Bulté on post-war randonneuring in France
    Jean Desbois (Cycles René Herse) obituary
    Cornering on a bicycle: How does it work?
    The origins of low-trail geometries
    Peter Weigle on fender installation
    Test: Bilenky 650B Tandem
    Test: René Herse 650B Randonneur

  • BQ 33 (Autumn 2010)


    Vol. 9, No. 1

    Unconventional Bicycles
    Moulton history
    The promise of unconventional machines
    History of randonneuring, 1930s
    Report from 1930s Technical Trials
    Test: Moulton New Series
    Test: MAP Randonneur Project

  • BQ 32 (Summer 2010)


    Vol. 8, No. 4

    Are Modern Bikes Faster?
    Tour de France speeds over time
    Did new technology speed up races?
    Unraveling the mysteries of 1920s bike geometries
    Training advice from the 1930s
    Cycling in India
    Test: Redline Conquest 20 children’s bike
    Test: Pegoretti Love 3
    Test: Trek Madone

  • BQ 31 (Spring 2010)


    Vol. 8, No. 3

    Wheel Size; Ernest Csuka
    Ernest Csuka, constructeur of Alex Singer bikes
    1954 Alex Singer Randonneur
    Wheels sizes and handling
    History of randonneuring, part 1
    506 km, 24-hour ride in 1908 on a twin-chain bicycle
    Test: Civia Hylands
    Test: Electra Ticino
    Test: Terraferma 650B Super Randonneur

  • BQ 30 (Winter 2009)


    Vol. 8, No. 2

    Oregon Manifest; Paul Charrel
    Embedded reporter in the Oregon Manifest technical trials
    Paul Charrel, innovative constructeur from Lyon, France
    Charrel’s 24-hour challenge: Lyon-Mont Ventoux-Lyon
    Touring Norway
    Peter Weigle on classic rack designs
    Test: Dan Boxer Randonneur
    Test: Box Dog Pelican

  • BQ 29 (Autumn 2009)


    Vol. 8, No. 1

    Suspension Losses
    Quantifying the energy losses due to vibrations
    How to minimize suspension losses: tires, forks, padded bar tape
    Paris-Roubaix bike history
    Jacquie Phelan interview
    Charlie Cunningham interview
    Aluminum frame pioneer: 1890s Lu-Mi-Num
    Test: Breezer Finesse
    Test: Surly Long-Haul Trucker

  • BQ 28 (Summer 2009)


    Vol. 7, No. 4

    Jack Taylor Special
    28-page interview with Jack, Peggy and Ken Taylor
    Historic photos: Tour of Great Britain, Jack Taylor factory
    400 km brevet on Jack Taylor tandem
    How to select a builder for your custom bike
    Planing: power measurements
    Test: Tout Terrain Silkroad
    Test: Toei Randonneur

  • BQ 27 (Spring 2009)


    Vol. 7, No. 3

    French Cycling in the 1930s
    How I met Vélocio (1927)
    Diagonals: rides from one corner of France to another
    Groupe Montagnard Parisien
    Technical Trial-winning bikes: Reyhand, Barra
    Randonneuring Basics: avoiding the bonk
    1960 René Herse Fédéral
    Test: Boulder Bicycle 700C

  • BQ 26 (Winter 2008)


    Vol. 7, No. 2

    Brake Special
    History of Bicycle Brakes
    100s of Daniel Rebour drawings
    How brakes work, how to set them up
    Test: Lyonsport Randonneur
    Test: Frances Smallhaul cargo bike

  • BQ 25 (Autumn 2008)


    Vol. 7, No. 1

    Japan Special
    TOEI interview
    First René Herse in Japan
    Four-day tour of Japanese mountains
    Test: Grand Bois Urban Bike
    Test: Jack Taylor/Goëland trailer
    Test: Rebolledo Randonneur

  • BQ 24 (Summer 2008)


    Vol. 6, No. 4

    Frame Stiffness and Planing
    Double-blind test of 4 frames
    Frame stiffness changes the bike’s performance
    How to make a bike lightweight
    Barra, pioneer of aluminum frames
    Test: Crumpton Carbon Randonneur

  • BQ 23 (Spring 2008)


    Vol. 6, No. 3

    Comfort AND Speed
    Why vibrations slow you down
    Testing the flex of fork blades
    Wind tunnel: Drafting and clothing
    Chainless hillclimber: 1903 shaft-drive 3-speed
    Shimmy – how to cure it
    Test: Coho Randonneuse

  • BQ 22 (Winter 2007)


    Vol. 6, No. 2

    PBP Equipment Survey

    This issue is out of print.
    Equipment in PBP: What worked and what didn’t?
    PBP on a 1973 Alex Singer
    Tread (Q factor)
    Touring Europe in 1963 on René Herse bikes
    Test: Curt Goodrich Randonneur
    Test: Pereira Randonneuse

  • BQ 21 (Autumn 2007)


    Vol. 6, No. 1

    Wind Tunnel Testing of Real-World Bicycles
    Wind tunnel testing of tires, rider position, bags, jackets, etc.
    History and interview of component maker TA
    Campagnolo Paris-Roubaix: How it works.
    1966 Paris-Brest-Paris ride report
    Riding an 1865 Michaux Boneshaker
    Test: Velo-Orange Randonneur
    Test: Bilenky 650B

  • BQ 20 (Summer 2007)


    Vol. 5, No. 4

    British Lightweights

    This issue is out of print.
    Frank Patterson drawings
    1951 Flying Scot, 1953 Claud Butler, 1957 Maclean
    Unorthodox frames
    Peter Weigle on women’s frames
    Test: 1957 Cinelli Supercorsa
    Test: Terraferma Race

  • BQ 19 (Spring 2007)


    Vol. 5, No. 3

    Front-End Geometry, Porteurs
    How to make a well-handling bicycle – the definitive article
    Pierre Vitupier, champion of the porteurs
    Re-raking a fork to improve the bike’s handling
    Randonneuring Basics: riding efficiently
    Test: Breezer Uptown 8
    Test: Jamis Commuter 3.0
    Test: Ant Basket Bike

  • BQ 18 (Winter 2006)


    Vol. 5, No. 2


    This issue is out of print.
    Vélocio vs. Henri Desgrange: Single-speed or multi-speed?
    René Herse fixed-gear winter training bike
    Randonneuring Basics: Training
    Why do slower riders have to work harder?
    Test: Kogswell Porteur/Randonneur

  • BQ 17 (Autumn 2006)


    Vol. 5, No. 1

    Tire Performance
    Real-road testing of tire performance
    What makes a tire fast?
    Reyhand – 1930s pioneer of the constructeur approach
    Jean Desbois (Cycles René Herse) on making stems
    Randonneuring Basics: How to make your bike faster
    Test: Tournesol 650B Sportif Titanium