Bicycle Quarterly Past Editions

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  • BQ 56 (Summer 2016)


    No. 56
    Summer 2016

    High Road to Mexico City: Paso de Cortés
    Morning Ride Across Mexico City
    Tokyo College of Cycle Design
    Two Cyclotouring Trips to Hokkaido
    1928 R.P.F. Tourisme Luxe
    Bike Test: Firefly Enduro Allroad
    Hahn’s Ex-Bontrager: Converting a Mountain Bike into an Enduro Allroad Machine

  • BQ 55 (Spring 2016)


    No. 55
    Exploration and Discovery
    Eroica California
    Four Days of Cascade Cyclotouring
    Cyclotouring Is About Discovery
    The Tour Cyclotouriste du Mont Blanc 1957
    Return to the Roads of my Youth
    Visiting Three of Japan’s Amazing Collections
    Haiku Poets Flèche
    Bike Test: MAP Urban Randonneur
    First Ride: Giant TCR Advance
    Test Update: Specialized Diverge Carbon Di2
    Rim Widths for Wide Tires

  • BQ 54 (Winter 2015)


    No. 54

    Riding with Friends

    Fatbiking to the Magic Bus
    The Race to the Butter (Procuring food in occupied France)
    Paris-Brest-Loudéac…and Loudéac-Paris
    Jean Hoffmann: Randonneur to Racer and Back
    The 2015 Bicycle Quarterly Un-Meeting
    The Old Road to Houshi Onsen (cyclotouring during a typhoon)
    First Ride: Islabikes Beinn 26
    Bike Test: Elephant National Forest Explorer
    How to Make a Rinko Bike
    Low-Rider Rack Design
    Metal Fender Installation Tips

  • BQ 53 (Autumn 2015)


    No. 53

    The New and the Classic

    • Specialized Diverge Carbon Di2 Test: Performance, Gravel, Commuting, Loaded Touring
    • Japanese Builder C. S. Hirose
    • Hirose Mini-Velo
    • Small Rider, Small Hirose Bike
    • Jobst Brandt, 1935-2015
    • French Cyclotouring: Provot Photo Albums
    • New-Old-Stock ALAN Cyclocross bike
    • Disk Brakes: A Mature Technology?
    • Specialized Flux Lights
    • Rivet Saddle
  • BQ 52 (Summer 2015)


    No. 52


    • Searching mountain goats on Mount Rainier
    • Racing in Communist East Germany
    • Riding at night
    • The Urban Bike after 7 years
    • First Ride: Lynskey Urbanskey titanium 650B commuter
    • Visit to Toei, Japanese constructeur
    • Test: Breadwinner B-Road on the road to Monte Cristo
  • BQ 51 (Spring 2015)


    No. 51

    Exploring the Future of Real-World Bicycles

    • Jeff Jones 29er: an unconventional titanium mountain bike
    • Testing a new frame configuration
    • Touring Hokkaido (Japan)
    • The Nihon Alps Super Randonnée 600
    • Enduro Allroad Bike
    • Making prototype tires
    • First Ride: Soma Wolverine
  • BQ 50 (Winter 2014)


    No. 50

    50th Issue!

    First Paris-Brest-Paris in 1891
    Mauna Kea on a 90% bike
    11 memorable test bikes
    Cycling in the Land of the Gods (India)
    Visit to Nitto, maker of handlebars and racks
    Test: J. P. Weigle 650B Randonneuse

  • BQ 49 (Autumn 2014)


    Vol. 13, No. 1
    Oregon Outback

    The quest for the perfect gravel bike (Oregon Outback)
    Bike-packing the Oregon Outback
    Visit to Honjo, maker of fenders
    The dangers of fenders
    First Ride: Toussaint Velo Routier
    Test: Ritchey Swiss Cross

  • BQ 48 (Summer 2014)


    Vol. 12, No. 4

    Japan Special

    • Chasing Cherry Blossoms over Mountain Passes (Japan)
    • Visits to Iribe and Level, builders of Keirin frames
    • Tullio Campagnolo: the true story
    • Rinko: packing a bike for travel
    • First Ride: Lynskey Ti 650B
    • First Ride: Grand Bois Easy Rinko 700
    • Test: Bilenky Ti Tandem
  • BQ 47 (Spring 2014)


    Vol. 12, No. 3
    Secret Pass Adventure, Women in Randonneuring

    Test: MAP S&P Randonneur, finding secret passes
    First Ride: Soma Grand Randonneur
    Women in randonneuring (1920s – 1970s)
    Camille Daudon Randonneuse
    What makes a tire fast?
    Optimizing tire tread

  • BQ 46 (Winter 2013)


    Vol. 12, No. 2

    Racing a classic Alan cyclocross bike
    Test: Islabike Luath 700, a cyclocross bike for kids
    Getting started in cyclocross
    A German’s ride over Babyshoe Pass
    Raid Pyrénéen 2.0
    Test: LED headlights

  • BQ 45 (Autumn 2013)


    Vol. 12, No. 1

    Super Randonnée 600, Poly de Chanteloup

    Test: Calfee 650B Adventure over 8 mountain passes
    Poly de Chanteloup hillclimb race history
    A lap with Lyli Herse
    Make a mudflap
    Test: TRP HY/RD disc brake
    Retrofriction and Power Shift explained

  • BQ 44 (Summer 2013)


    Vol. 11, No. 4
    Marcadier, Mexico

    André Marcadier: from aluminum bicycles to race cars
    Cycling in Mexico City
    Hub gears, downtube and bar-end shifters
    How rims work
    Test: Volagi Liscio
    Test: Volagi Viaje

  • BQ 43 (Spring 2013)


    Vol. 11, No. 3
    Tire Performance

    Tire performance on smooth roads
    Tire pressure and rolling resistance
    Clinchers vs. tubulars
    Tire tread: what does it do?
    FMB visit
    Two-day dash to the Yorkshire Coast
    Test: Coast Randonneur

  • BQ 42 (Winter 2012)


    Vol. 11, No. 2

    Titanium Bikes

      Test: Seven Axiom SL
      Test: Lynskey Helix
      Test: Electronic shifting from Campagnolo and Shimano
      Speedwell, pioneer of titanium bikes
      How ramped chainrings work
      Off-pavement late-autumn adventure in the Cascades
  • BQ 41 (Autumn 2012)


    Vol. 11, No. 1

    Cascade 1200, 10 Years of BQ

      Riding the Cascade 1200 in Charly Miller time
      Our bikes
      Lionel Brans: from Paris to Saigon in 1949
      Generator hub performance test
      Test: J. Bryant Randonneuse
  • BQ 40 (Summer 2012)


    Vol. 10, No. 4

    What makes a bike fast?

      Hillclimb comparison: 650B randonneur bike, carbon race bike, Moulton
      How to select the gearing for your bike
      Vernon Blake, man of many talents
      My Ultimate Custom Bike: components
      Working bikes in Florence, Italy
      Riding position: upright or low?
      Test: Jeff Lyon L’Avecaise 650B Racer
  • BQ 39 (Spring 2012)


    Vol. 10, No. 3

    Bikes for Tall and Short Riders
    Lennard Zinn interview
    A randonneur bike for a tall rider
    My first encounter with a classic randonneur bike (Lovely Bicycle)
    Cycling in Hannibal’s footsteps
    Nivex derailleur history and tech
    Xtracycle in 1947
    Test: Bilenky Cargo

  • BQ 38 (Winter 2011)


    Vol. 10, No. 2

    Oregon Manifest, Raid Pyrénéen
    Raid Pyrénéen: From Atlantic to Mediterranean via 18 passes
    2011 Oregon Manifest
    History of Randonneuring, 1950s-1970s
    Geometry: how does it affect fit and ride?
    Test: Herbie Helm Classic Racer

  • BQ 37 (Autumn 2011)


    Vol. 10, No. 1

    Testing Brakes

    How to brake effectively?
    Test: Brakes from Velo-Orange and Eebrake
    George Retseck’s illustrations
    Ultimate custom bike, part 1
    A ramble across the Yorkshire Dales
    High-wheeler racing in New Zealand
    Test: Calfee Adventure 700C