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Bicycle Quarterly Past Editions

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  • BQ 53 (Autumn 2015)


    No. 53

    The New and the Classic

    • Specialized Diverge Carbon Di2 Test: Performance, Gravel, Commuting, Loaded Touring
    • Japanese Builder C. S. Hirose
    • Hirose Mini-Velo
    • Small Rider, Small Hirose Bike
    • Jobst Brandt, 1935-2015
    • French Cyclotouring: Provot Photo Albums
    • New-Old-Stock ALAN Cyclocross bike
    • Disk Brakes: A Mature Technology?
    • Specialized Flux Lights
    • Rivet Saddle
  • BQ 52 (Summer 2015)


    No. 52


    • Searching mountain goats on Mount Rainier
    • Racing in Communist East Germany
    • Riding at night
    • The Urban Bike after 7 years
    • First Ride: Lynskey Urbanskey titanium 650B commuter
    • Visit to Toei, Japanese constructeur
    • Test: Breadwinner B-Road on the road to Monte Cristo
  • BQ 51 (Spring 2015)


    No. 51

    Exploring the Future of Real-World Bicycles

    • Jeff Jones 29er: an unconventional titanium mountain bike
    • Testing a new frame configuration
    • Touring Hokkaido (Japan)
    • The Nihon Alps Super Randonnée 600
    • Enduro Allroad Bike
    • Making prototype tires
    • First Ride: Soma Wolverine
  • BQ 50 (Winter 2014)


    No. 50

    50th Issue!

    First Paris-Brest-Paris in 1891
    Mauna Kea on a 90% bike
    11 memorable test bikes
    Cycling in the Land of the Gods (India)
    Visit to Nitto, maker of handlebars and racks
    Test: J. P. Weigle 650B Randonneuse

  • BQ 49 (Autumn 2014)


    Vol. 13, No. 1
    Oregon Outback

    The quest for the perfect gravel bike (Oregon Outback)
    Bike-packing the Oregon Outback
    Visit to Honjo, maker of fenders
    The dangers of fenders
    First Ride: Toussaint Velo Routier
    Test: Ritchey Swiss Cross

  • BQ 48 (Summer 2014)


    Vol. 12, No. 4

    Japan Special

    • Chasing Cherry Blossoms over Mountain Passes (Japan)
    • Visits to Iribe and Level, builders of Keirin frames
    • Tullio Campagnolo: the true story
    • Rinko: packing a bike for travel
    • First Ride: Lynskey Ti 650B
    • First Ride: Grand Bois Easy Rinko 700
    • Test: Bilenky Ti Tandem
  • BQ 47 (Spring 2014)


    Vol. 12, No. 3
    Secret Pass Adventure, Women in Randonneuring

    Test: MAP S&P Randonneur, finding secret passes
    First Ride: Soma Grand Randonneur
    Women in randonneuring (1920s – 1970s)
    Camille Daudon Randonneuse
    What makes a tire fast?
    Optimizing tire tread

  • BQ 46 (Winter 2013)


    Vol. 12, No. 2

    Racing a classic Alan cyclocross bike
    Test: Islabike Luath 700, a cyclocross bike for kids
    Getting started in cyclocross
    A German’s ride over Babyshoe Pass
    Raid Pyrénéen 2.0
    Test: LED headlights

  • BQ 45 (Autumn 2013)


    Vol. 12, No. 1

    Super Randonnée 600, Poly de Chanteloup

    Test: Calfee 650B Adventure over 8 mountain passes
    Poly de Chanteloup hillclimb race history
    A lap with Lyli Herse
    Make a mudflap
    Test: TRP HY/RD disc brake
    Retrofriction and Power Shift explained

  • BQ 44 (Summer 2013)


    Vol. 11, No. 4
    Marcadier, Mexico

    André Marcadier: from aluminum bicycles to race cars
    Cycling in Mexico City
    Hub gears, downtube and bar-end shifters
    How rims work
    Test: Volagi Liscio
    Test: Volagi Viaje

  • BQ 43 (Spring 2013)


    Vol. 11, No. 3
    Tire Performance

    Tire performance on smooth roads
    Tire pressure and rolling resistance
    Clinchers vs. tubulars
    Tire tread: what does it do?
    FMB visit
    Two-day dash to the Yorkshire Coast
    Test: Coast Randonneur

  • BQ 42 (Winter 2012)


    Vol. 11, No. 2

    Titanium Bikes

      Test: Seven Axiom SL
      Test: Lynskey Helix
      Test: Electronic shifting from Campagnolo and Shimano
      Speedwell, pioneer of titanium bikes
      How ramped chainrings work
      Off-pavement late-autumn adventure in the Cascades
  • BQ 41 (Autumn 2012)


    Vol. 11, No. 1

    Cascade 1200, 10 Years of BQ

      Riding the Cascade 1200 in Charly Miller time
      Our bikes
      Lionel Brans: from Paris to Saigon in 1949
      Generator hub performance test
      Test: J. Bryant Randonneuse
  • BQ 40 (Summer 2012)


    Vol. 10, No. 4

    What makes a bike fast?

      Hillclimb comparison: 650B randonneur bike, carbon race bike, Moulton
      How to select the gearing for your bike
      Vernon Blake, man of many talents
      My Ultimate Custom Bike: components
      Working bikes in Florence, Italy
      Riding position: upright or low?
      Test: Jeff Lyon L’Avecaise 650B Racer
  • BQ 39 (Spring 2012)


    Vol. 10, No. 3

    Bikes for Tall and Short Riders
    Lennard Zinn interview
    A randonneur bike for a tall rider
    My first encounter with a classic randonneur bike (Lovely Bicycle)
    Cycling in Hannibal’s footsteps
    Nivex derailleur history and tech
    Xtracycle in 1947
    Test: Bilenky Cargo

  • BQ 38 (Winter 2011)


    Vol. 10, No. 2

    Oregon Manifest, Raid Pyrénéen
    Raid Pyrénéen: From Atlantic to Mediterranean via 18 passes
    2011 Oregon Manifest
    History of Randonneuring, 1950s-1970s
    Geometry: how does it affect fit and ride?
    Test: Herbie Helm Classic Racer

  • BQ 37 (Autumn 2011)


    Vol. 10, No. 1

    Testing Brakes

    How to brake effectively?
    Test: Brakes from Velo-Orange and Eebrake
    George Retseck’s illustrations
    Ultimate custom bike, part 1
    A ramble across the Yorkshire Dales
    High-wheeler racing in New Zealand
    Test: Calfee Adventure 700C

  • BQ 36 (Summer 2011)


    Vol. 9, No. 4

    Wheel Size

    Do larger wheels roll better over bumps?
    Power-meter tests on controlled surfaces
    Collecting roads
    Restoring a PBP-winning R. Herse tandem
    Peter Weigle on shaving tires
    Test: Ellis 700C Randonneur

  • BQ 35 (Spring 2011)


    Vol. 9, No. 3

    Urban Cycling; Frame Stiffness

      Urban cycling in San Luis Obispo
      Can we “Copenhagenize” North American cities?
      Interview with Mel Pinto, importer of European bikes
      Measuring frame stiffness
      Test: Pereira Gent’s Bike
      Test: Surly Big Dummy
  • BQ 34 (Winter 2010)


    Vol. 9, No. 2

    Randonneuring in Post-War France
    Gilbert Bulté on post-war randonneuring in France
    Jean Desbois (Cycles René Herse) obituary
    Cornering on a bicycle: How does it work?
    The origins of low-trail geometries
    Peter Weigle on fender installation
    Test: Bilenky 650B Tandem
    Test: René Herse 650B Randonneur