Ride Tahuya with Ted King

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Ride Tahuya with Ted King

Join us on a ride with Ted King, the ‘King of Gravel’! We’ll head to the Tahuya Hills on some beautiful (and hilly) roads. There’ll be plenty of gravel, as well as an all-paved option.

  • When: Sunday, December 8, 2019
  • Where: Seattle Ferry Terminal, 7:35 a.m. ferry to Bremerton
  • What: 80 miles (130 km), paved and gravel (all-paved option)
  • How: Un-Meeting style (everybody is welcome, but it’s not a group ride)

At the end of a long phone conversation about tires for gravel racing, Ted King said: “By the way, I’ll be in Seattle in December for a family visit. Do you want to go for a ride?” Turns out that Laura, Ted’s wife, is from Seattle…

Where would I take the ‘King of Gravel’ during a short visit in Seattle? The Cascade Mountains are covered with snow. There are some nice gravel rides in the Puget Lowland – and the route along the Hood Canal and through the Tahuya Hills is a favorite. A long ride is more fun as a group, so I asked Ted whether it was OK to invite our readers. ‘Of course,’ was the reply. So here we go:

We’ll take the 7:35 ferry from Seattle to Bremerton. (Plan to be there at least 10 minutes ahead of boarding.) We’ll follow the 2018 Bicycle Quarterly Un-Meeting route (but without the overnight stop). We’ll ride on backroads to Belfair, stop for coffee, and then head into the Tahuya Hills. Once we return to civilization, we’ll have a (late) lunch in Seabeck, before returning to Bremerton. The pace will be spirited, but everybody is welcome to ride at their own pace.

This isn’t a group ride. Like the Un-Meeting, we publish a time and a course, but every rider is riding as an individual. I expect the ride to split up into several groups based on riding styles. We’ll probably meet at the stops, and, of course, there’ll be plenty of time to socialize as a group on the hour-long ferry ride to Bremerton.

Routes on RidewithGPS:

  • Standard route (Distance: 80 miles/130 km; Elevation gain: 1,360 m/4500 ft)
  • optional all-paved shortcut (diverges from standard route, a little less hilly, too)

Mark you calendars and join us for a fun outing!

Update 11/27: The Standard route has been updated. Please use this file instead of the previously posted one. Thank you!

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