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700C x 38 Steilacoom TC


Named after an iconic ‘cross course near Seattle, the Steilacoom combines the supple Compass casings with a knobby tread designed for all conditions. It offers amazing performance and cornering on paved roads, yet its knobs dig into the surface when it gets slippery. Unlike most mixed-terrain tires, the Steilacoom’s knobs are big enough so they don’t squirm. There is much space in between to clear mud, so they don’t clog up. We distributed the knobs so that the tire always is supported by the same amount of rubber, whether it’s rolling forward or leaning into a turn. This gives you uniform grip at all times – whether on a muddy cyclocross course or during a paved descent with ultra-fast hairpin turns.

The result is a true dual-purpose knobby that excels in mud and snow, yet on pavement, it’s faster than most road tires. Whether you race ‘cross or head out for an adventure into unknown terrain, the Steilacoom will surprise you with its excellent performance on all surfaces.

Made in Japan.

The Steilacoom is tubeless-compatibe.
When used with tubes, we recommend the SV17 or SV18 tubes.


Rene Herse tires combine the performance of high-end tubular tires with the convenience of clinchers and the width needed for allroad riding. Our supple casings roll smoothly over surface irregularities. They absorb less energy as they deform with each tire revolution. Rene Herse tires make your bike feel alive. From the first meters, you will notice the difference.

Rene Herse knobbies are true dual-purpose tires that roll better on pavement than most “road” tires, yet offer tenacious grip in the muddiest conditions. How does this work? We made the knobs big enough so they don’t squirm. Our proprietary knob pattern ensures that there is always the same amount of rubber on the road, not just when rolling forward, but also when leaning into a turn. The knobs are widely spaced so they don’t clog up with mud. Using the same tire for a cyclocross race and a fast road ride? Try Compass knobbies, and you’ll be surprised.

Available with Standard and Extralight casings. The Standard casings are an affordable option that also offers extra protection against sidewall cuts on sharp rocks. The Extralight casings take the performance, comfort and feel of your bike to an entirely new level. Once you have a set of Rene Herse tires, you won’t be able to go back to “normal” tires!

What about the UCI 33 mm limit for the width of ‘cross tires? Most of us don’t race in UCI-sanctioned categories. In the U.S., this rule appears to apply only to the national championships. For the rest of us, the UCI rule is irrelevant, yet most ‘cross tires are limited to a maximum width of 33 mm. If you ride clinchers, this is less than optimal. To obtain the ride of a tubular in a clincher, you have to increase the size by 10-15%. That makes the 38 mm Steilacoom clincher the equivalent of a 33 mm tubular.

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Standard model
  • Clincher, folding bead
  • Tubeless-ready
  • Tan sidewalls
  • Fast-rolling
  • Excellent grip
  • Superior traction
  • Clincher tires with the ride of a good tubular
  • Maximum pressure with tubes: 75 psi (5.2 bar)
  • Maximum recommended pressure – tubeless: 60 psi (4 bar)
  • 423 g
Extralight model
  • As "Standard" model, but with:
  • Ultra-light, ultra-supple casing
  • Choice of black or tan sidewalls
  • Further improved comfort and traction
  • Ultra-low rolling resistance
  • 378 g
Click here for a downloadable article on optimizing your tire pressure and tire installation instructions.

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