Dumonde Pro X Chain Lube, 2 oz


Dumonde’s chain lube has been the gold standard for decades. It’s the only lube that works in the wet winters of the Pacific Northwest. The Lite formula is intended for dry climates, the Original for wetter conditions. It works great if you just apply it, but even better if you degrease the chain first (see Pro Tip). The new Pro X has fewer volatile organic components (VOC) than the original formula, so it’s safe to airship and doesn’t smell even when used indoors.

Pro Tip: Dumonde recommends degreasing the chain before the first application of Pro X to remove the factory lubricants. That way, Pro X forms a low-friction plastic plating on the bearing surfaces of the chain. Immediately ride the bike after applying Pro X. For best results, apply 2-3 times initially, then don’t reapply unless the chain makes noise. Future re-applications (if needed) don’t require degreasing the chain again. To clean your chain, use water and soap, then wipe dry.

2 oz (60 ml)

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  • Polymerizes while riding.
  • Forms a low-friction plastic plating.
  • Lubricates and protects the bearing surfaces of your chain.
  • Made in USA