Nana Ultralight Carbon Minipump


One of the world’s lightest and smallest pumps. The Nana minipump weighs just 25 g and is only a little larger than a large pen, yet inflating your tire doesn’t take significantly longer than with other minipumps. The Nana’s superlight action allows you to pump with more strokes per second to make up for its smaller air volume.

Made completely from carbon and titanium, the Nana’s is superlight thanks to high-end materials and simple design, not because it is excessively fragile: The pump is rated to 142 psi (10 bar). Like most minipumps, the Nana works best for wide, low-pressure tires – above 60 psi (4 bar), pumping gets a bit harder.

The Nana fits into your jersey pocket without sticking out or into most bags. It’s the only pump you need for most rides, or carry it as a backup during truly epic adventures.

Notes: Like most minipumps, the Nana not intended for shop use, but for the (hopefully rare) times when you flat on the road. The pump is assembled with two small Allen screws. They are not intended to be unscrewed – the tiny threads easily strip.

Pro Tip: It’s much easier to inflate your tire before you install the wheel in the frame.

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  • For Presta valves only
  • Max. inflation pressure: 10 bar (142 psi)
  • Length: 14.2 cm (5.6")
  • Diameter: 1.8 m (0.75")
  • Weight: 25 g
  • Carbon: barrel, plunger
  • Titanium: cover
  • Made in Italy