SON and Dumonde Restock

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SON and Dumonde Restock

Just in time for bikepacking season (and for the long brevets), we received a restock of the wonderful generator hubs and lights from Schmidt in Germany. It’s no exaggeration to say that these hubs and lights have changed the way we ride. Having lights available anytime, at the flip of a switch, allows us to venture far without worrying about battery run times.

The Edelux headlights with their layered beams—like those of car headlights, rather than simple round optics—enable us to see much further into the distance and give us confidence (and safety) when descending at speed during night-time rides.

We also got more Dumonde lubricants in stock. Ultra rider and bikepacker Lael Wilcox called Dumonde chain lube “the only thing that really works.” We carry it in shop sizes and also in tiny bottles that are perfect to take on your ride.

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