Berthoud Re-Stock and Tech Trials Bags

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Berthoud Re-Stock and Tech Trials Bags

We just received a new shipment from Berthoud in France. Included are Ted King’s favorite mirrors in silver and black. Machined from aluminum, these mirrors plug into the end of your (drop) handlebars. They are small and unobtrusive, yet they give you a good view of what’s approaching from behind.

We also got a restock of the popular Berthoud leather saddles. We like the superb quality of the leather that reduces break-in time and keeps the saddle comfortable for much longer than other leather saddles we’ve tried. The composite underframe adds some welcome flex to improve comfort further.

We don’t just have the saddles in stock, but also all the parts you need to rebuild yours if it ever needs it: saddle tops (above), rails, frame pieces, tension bolts, etc. All you need is a 4 or 5 mm Allen and a Torx wrench, and you can disassemble your saddle and make it as good as new again. Few companies stock Berthoud spares, but what good is a rebuildable component if you can’t get the parts?

We also got replicas of the superlight handlebar bags that we developed for the Concours de Machines, the competition for the best bikepacking bike. In the Concours, bikes were weighed with their luggage, and one key part to the success of the J.P. Weigle (above) – the lightest bike to complete the event – was the superlight Berthoud handlebar bag.

Above you see the Concours de Machines bags (left) and a standard Berthoud bag (right). Dispensing with all outside pockets and reducing the leather reinforcements to an absolute minimum has reduced the weight by more than 50%. The full-size GB28 bag weighs just 266 g—incredibly light for a bag that holds 12 liters. The bag is made from the same cotton fabric as standard Berthoud bags, and it even has a map/cue sheet holder and full inside flaps to offer the same functionality.

We have a very small quantity of these bags in stock. Once they are gone, there will be no more.

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