Congrats to all Unbound riders!

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Congrats to all Unbound riders!

Congratulations to all riders at last weekend’s Unbound. It was exciting to see so many riders ride through heat and the infamous Flint Hills – and enjoy the challenge.

Special kudos to Ted King, who overcame breaking his collarbone just 5 weeks ago (and a veritable invasion of Euro-Pros) to place fourth overall. Well done!

Lael Wilcox won the women’s XL event, riding the 350 miles in just under 27 hours, which also put her in 10th place overall. As second-place finisher Amanda Naumann said: “Lael is a machine!”

Amanda placed second in the XL event, distancing most competitors in the process. (She was 16th out of 125 riders.) She’s a true inspiration.

Jess Cerra rode to an excellent 10th place among the women in the 200-mile event that saw competitors from all over the world. For a first run at Unbound, that’s amazing. Congratulations to all of you, and everybody who braved the heat, the sharp rocks and the long distances to tackle the incredible adventure that is Unbound.

Photo credits: Rugile Kaladyte (Photos 1, 3); Andy Chasteen (Photo 2); Nick Nelson (Photo 4); Cyclingtips (Photo 5).

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