Customer Service in the days of Covid-19

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Customer Service in the days of Covid-19

Over the last few months, we’ve revamped our customer service, both because we’ve had to adapt to the restrictions that came with Covid-19 and because we want to improve your experience. We’ve added a lot of information online – instructions for our parts, specs and Frequently Asked Questions, plus links to blog posts about things like how to set up tires tubeless. This enables you to find the information you need, right away and without having to wait for a reply.

For requests that go beyond that, we had to stop using email and the phone, because the amount of spam and robocalls was overwhelming. The phone rang almost non-stop, and we had to sort through hundreds of emails to find legitimate requests from our customers. Instead, we have switched to forms when you contact us. This has the added benefit that we have all the information we need to work on your request from the get-go. Eliminating the back-and-forth means you’ll get a response more quickly.

That is the good news. The bad news is that at the same time, we started having email delivery problems. Some of your customer service requests were not delivered to us, and in other cases our responses never made back it to you. And with Covid-19 restrictions still in place, it took a while until our tech support could figure out what the problem was and how to fix it. We’ve moved all our emails to a different system, and we’ve tested the new setup over the last week. So far, it seems to be working without problems.

If you’ve submitted a return or warranty request in the recent past and haven’t received a response, we’d like to ask you to submit it again. Please understand that we are still operating under restrictions and are short-staffed, so we can’t do individual tech support right now. If you can’t find the information online, please ask your local bike shop. Thank you for your understanding!

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