Cyclotouring in the Ardèche

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Cyclotouring in the Ardèche

After the Technical Trials, we spent a few days with our friend Richard Léon in the Ardèche region. It was fun to explore this area at a cyclotouring pace.
The region is criss-crossed by tiny roads, and Richard knows them all. It’s hilly, which makes for beautiful climbs where we can appreciate the scenery…
… and fast downhills to enjoy the winding roads.
Most roads were paved, but some were on gravel. All day, we saw just a handful of cars.
The landscape is amazing, with tiny villages dotting the volcanic terrain.
People seem to enjoy a lifestyle that combines the best of today with cherished traditions. There has been an effort to keep bakeries and cafés open in almost every town, and we even saw this lady in an old Citroën Mehari arrive for her shopping. “We bought it 32 years ago, and we really like it,” she told us. It’s nice to see that the France of my childhood still exists…
The lavender fields were in full bloom, adding amazing dots of color to the patchwork of small fields.
We leaned out bikes against ancient stone walls and ate lunch at small restaurants before continuing our rides. It was a most enjoyable visit.
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