Cyclotourist Magazine: The History of Randonneuring

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Cyclotourist Magazine: The History of Randonneuring

Yesterday’s mail brought a nice surprise: the May issue of the Japanese magazine Cyclotourist, with an article I wrote about the history of randonneuring and of randonneur bicycles in France.
Unfortunately, I don’t read Japanese, but from what I can tell, they did a very nice job with the 6-page article. My article provides an overview of randonneuring and the many events associated with the sport, like Paris-Brest-Paris and the Polymultipli√©e de Chanteloup hillclimb race.

I always enjoy writing for other publications, as it provides an opportunity to introduce our research to new audiences. Bicycle Quarterly has many readers in Japan, but this article, which was translated into Japanese, overcomes the language barrier and provides a historical background for the bicycles that the Japanese admire so much.

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