Film: The Rhino Run Story

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Film: The Rhino Run Story

There are many cycling films, but few have moved me as much as Don’t Look Back, the story of last autumn’s Rhino Run ultradistance race in South Africa and Namibia. Readers of the Spring Bicycle Quarterly are familiar with the story of how Abdullah Zeinab and Kevin ‘Benky’ Benkenstein raced neck-to-neck for 2,750 kilometers, outpacing an international field that included the biggest names in bikepacking. At the finish, after almost eight days of racing, a mere 17 minutes separated the winner from second place!

Don’t Look Back is a story of endurance and grit, as racers traverse one of the least populated and driest areas on earth. Stunning landscapes form the backdrop as the riders make their way through the Karoo and Namib Deserts. Filmed by Rae Trew-Browne/Outlaw Media and sponsored by Curve Cycling, the film now is available to watch for free. Enjoy!

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